Crazy Women: 15 Signs Your Girlfriend’s Insane!

10 HINTS That Reveal She's A Psychopath

Contact Author Have you ever dated a woman, and thought that this person was perfect? You thought that you hit the jackpot. Why is this person still single?

psychopath signs in males

I am here to tell you that it is perfectly normal to think like that. Every guy wonders that about their girlfriend, and almost every time you are just overthinking. Your girlfriend may have overreacted to a situation, and you two will just move forward from what happened, thinking nothing of it again. However, there are times where your girlfriend may be a bit crazy, and you definitely are not overthinking. There are multiple signs that just might prove how insane your girlfriend can be, starting with. 1.

signs your dating a sociopath

You are correct, sir. There are no exceptions at all.

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