10 Signs You’re Dating A Drunk

I stopped drinking, but my husband still drinks. How do I deal?

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances and often has specific stereotypes linked to abuse of it. When picturing someone struggling with alcohol addiction, it is common to imagine a disheveled, homeless person, or someone who has lost their home, family and other possessions due to their alcohol abuse. These stereotypes are only the end result of a much longer process, and they can mislead functioning alcoholics because their lives have yet to fit these stereotypes. The reality is that a functioning alcoholic can still be controlled by their alcohol abuse. Ready to make a change?

how to talk to your husband about his drinking

The 6 warning signs you could have a booze problem… from drinking alone to memory loss Alcohol misuse is drinking more than the recommended 14 units of alcohol a week - that's six pints or medium wines Revealed By Andrea Downey and Gemma Mullin, Digital Health Reporter 2 May 2019, 10.31 Updated. 2 May 2019, 14.01 WITH another Bank Holiday just around the corner, you may already be making plans to enjoy a tipple or two on your extra day off. While a drink every now and then is no big deal, starting to booze on a more regular basis could be a sign of bigger problem. Here she highlights the key signs that mean your booze habits could be something to worry about...

i drink every night am i an alcoholic

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