The 'Gossip Girl' Cast Then Vs. Now Will Make You Feel All Kinds Of Nostalgic

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It was a heartbreaking end to such a lovely story, and it was hard on the actors as well. And honestly, in a lot of ways, it felt like a genuine breakup. I love Floriana to pieces. What we were able to do together for the community, but also for just like our friendship and being able to establish such strong characters, that goes beyond how many episodes we do together, you know? The relationship was hardly a fling and lasted about three years.

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By Kristen Perrone June 2 2018 It's been more than a decade since teen drama favorite Gossip Girl premiered and immersed viewers into the upper crust world of rich high school students' Manhattan. At the time, the relatively-unknown cast could easily be boiled down to pretty boys and the blonde girl from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Today, with the cast members grown up, it's a different story. Time flies when you're watching reruns, and photos of the Gossip Girl cast then vs. Like with any cast of a hit show, the actors' post-Gossip Girl careers have been filled with hits and misses.

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