Scorpio Man and Leo Woman: Love Compatibility?

Leo Woman & Scorpio Man Compatibility

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The Scorpio zodiac sign is ruled by the planet of Pluto, also known as the God of the Underworld, which is affiliated to subconscious powers, death, destruction, rebirth, etc. The Leo astrological sign is ruled by the magnificent Sun itself, which represents the higher self, the sense of high spirit and will power. He is a kind hearted and a gentle guy, who has a joyous nature and is very moody. He is a hard-working and a determined individual who has a lot of ambitions and aspirations in life.

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The Scorpio man and the Leo woman can have great sex, but they can also be obsessive and very intense about their feelings. No middle ground to step on. She will be a loyal Queen who expects the exact same thing from her partner. If a woman is good looking, independent and has a good career, she will surely get his attention.

Are Leo & Scorpio Compatible? - Zodiac Love Guide

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Leo is a passionate lover, warm, always in search for action and they can be quite casual when it comes to their sexual encounters. Scorpio is sex itself, and the depth of emotion that goes with it in its purest form. When they get together, they could have real trouble finding middle ground between their personalities. If they are attracted to each other, this could drive them mad, for none of them will be able to realize their desires in a wanted way. If they end up having sexual relations, they could have misunderstandings on everything, from their verbal communication to their physical needs.

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