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Be naughty dating site reviews coolest dating sites But is that justified? They will not steal your money or your credit card details. They are not out to rob and cheat, at least not in obvious and malicious ways. However, they do employ tactics that you would not expect of a genuine, legitimate dating website. They are tactics that many other sites are known to use including Ashley Madison and some experts believe that they actually began with BeNaughty. So, just what are those tactics?


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The site boasts a variety of methods to interact with others and has a three-tiered safety level system allowing you to limit the members you see and interact with to only those verified, all except those marked as suspicious, or everyone. There are a handful of ways to discover and interact with others based on your particular preferences. The search tool may be the most effective way to find compatible matches as it allows you to search based on specific criteria relating to physical traits, such as eye color and height, as well as by lifestyle aspects such as income and religion. Communication options are standard, and require little effort. To show interest, you may send a wink or a message, begin a one-on-one chat session, add the user as a friend, or like the profile.

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