200 Questions To Ask To Get To Know Someone Better

5 Questions to ask before getting in a serious relationship

questions to ask a guy on a date

Make the Questions More Bearable A few things to remember about these questions to ask while dating. Don't ask questions via text that you expect to get lengthy responses to. Some questions are fine for quick text conversations such as those featured in "Scratching the Surface" , but more in-depth questions should be saved for face-to-face conversations or telephone if you're in a long-distance relationship. This is meant to be a guideline, not a list you carry with you and read from. Some questions to ask a guy before dating might not apply or might just inspire other questions. Go with that or use them as conversation starters with a guy.

questions to ask a girl

flirty questions to ask a guy

They are casual yet interesting. If you are looking to get to know someone even better, you can jump to the next set of questions. The next set of questions are a little more personal or in depth.

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