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Thriving on the long-awaited political transformation, Nepal has become a hotbed of opportunities for business aspirants. Riding the wave of fast-paced developments, the country is brimming with untapped potential for entrepreneurs to explore. Classified as a closed economy, the Indian neighbour is opening to explore the tremendous opportunities the world has to offer. Being at the nascent stage of growth, the land of Himalayas lacks in the basic infrastructure for basic amenities like internet, transportation, healthcare and more.

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Feb 1, 2017 30 Businesses that you can start for less than the cost of an iPhone Once in a while, I get invited to talk about entrepreneurship to college students and youth groups. I generally talk about the economy of Nepal, the high unemployment rates, the need for youth to embrace entrepreneurship, and some myths and realities surrounding entrepreneurship. Most of the time, after the talk, the students come up to me and say, "I am inspired. I had always wanted to do something on my own. But the problem is I don't have money and my parents won't give me the capital I need to start my business.

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Some Tips why you got a chance to start a business in Nepal. Nepal got too crisis all around electricity, water, fuel, communication, inflation. Remember crisis is an opportunity for an entrepreneur, and for us to become a multi-millionaire while serving fellow Nepali and beyond. Starting a new business, in Nepal, is not for the ones who lack boldness and courage. You will not only face the usual uncertainty about the demand for your products and the competition but you'll also venture into perhaps a completely new world, with its own business and consumer culture, different language and way of life.

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