5 Tips on How to Make the Most of Dating a Hot Girl

Hot Things Guys Do That Girls Love

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Copy Link Copied 12 Jealousy Will Rear Its Ugly Head There is only so much one can take when dating a gorgeous gal; eventually any sane man may begin to feel a tinge of jealousy which is both normal and acceptable. Unfortunately for you, it is also unflattering to a girl who is used to playing the hot girlfriend role. Beautiful women have stigma behind them, people believe that they are dating people for money, have no brain in their head and lack any kind of moral compass all because they are gorgeous. While all these accusations are unfounded, it is almost a promise that at some point in your relationship one of these traits will be the reason for your jealousy. Your girlfriend is so gorgeous that she consumes all of the attention wherever you guys go.

Dating Very Beautiful Women

How To Date Beautiful Women: 10 Secrets About Women You NEED To Know

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