Mind Games Women Play in Relationships and How to Survive Them

Nia Jax plays mind games with Ronda Rousey: Raw, May 28, 2018

how to play a girl who is playing you

Think about it. Have you ever met a woman that you liked who seemed interested in you, too? Did she seem utterly captivated by you and did she laugh at all of your corny jokes? Did you think that you could win her over because she seemed to like you only for her to turn completely cold the next minute? There are various reasons why women play mind games on men.

how to play mind games with a girl over text

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is she playing games or not interested

While a man may thing a woman is playing mind games she may in fact, be making sure that you are worth of her time and attention. Never the less that can make it quite difficult when working out what she is thinking and whether or not she actually wants to date you or what she expects from you. When she is playing a game though you will see a pattern. Maybe she only responds when she wants something or when she can be bothered. If she is busy with her friends or focused on other things you may be way down on the list of priorities.

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