Dating biblical creation

Dating biblical creation ronaldo nazario wiki How precise is the Bible about the date of creation? Can we discern from the Bible the exact year or day for the date of creation? I have a couple of questions that I have been wondering about for a while. Clearly the Bible describes a timeline of the world that extends approximately 6000 years back.


Radiometric back flips; How solid are those dates? (Creation Magazine LIVE! 5-10)

There are other chronological indications also, allowing that calculation to be extended into the times of the kings, when the dates can be correlated with other events in history for which the absolute date is known. By this means, in theory, one can calculate the date of Creation. There are, however, some uncertainties in this.

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Carbon Dating Flaws

how old is the earth according to the bible

Biblical literalists interpret "day" as a literal 24-hour day. Potential support for the young-earth interpretation is provided by Boyd 2005 in his analysis of the statistical distribution of Hebrew verbs. Boyd begins by pointing out that there are three possible ways to read the Biblical Creation account. 1 an "extended poetic metaphor, which communicates truth but in the plain sense of its words does not correspond to reality"; 2 a "narrative, which purports to be the truth when it is in fact in error"; 3 a "narrative, which accurately portrays reality" Boyd 2005. Boyd sets out to use verb distribution as the means by which one can determine the genre of the Creation account. He evaluates the verbs present in various parts of the Bible such as 1 Kings, or 1 Chronicles , in which the text is unquestionably of the narrative genre, and then compares them to the verbs present in Biblical poetry, such as that found in the book of Psalms.


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