I'm a Prison Guard Who Married an Inmate

correctional officer facts

Executive Summary In prison, the line between guard and inmate is clear — and any sexual or romantic contact is forbidden. But it is difficult to establish consent between an employee and her boss — or anyone who is above her in the hierarchy. At 22, I was lonely, living in a new city, and handling the transition from college to the real world in a reluctant fashion. Occasionally it was for nefarious reasons, but it mostly came from frustrated women in horrible situations looking for comfort.

Why you should date a prison guard

What's it like being a CO spouse? Nothing can prepare you for when your spouse becomes a CO Nothing can prepare you for what your family is about to experience, starting when your spouse attends training academy. You will feel like you're single again but your heart is still with them. If you're fortunate enough to have kids, you'll feel like a single parent. It took time to accept all of the changes in our family and social lives because of his new job.

A Day in the Life of a Correctional Officer

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