What Agoraphobia REALLY Looks Like

But that does run the risk of overshadowing everything else that I am as a person. Agoraphobia is a part of me but I am so much more than that. So how do you meet someone who is able to see past that and love you in spite of your faults, or because of them even? But I do have faith that one day that person will find me if I just keep being who I am and fighting against my fear. Having been in a relationship with someone who convinced me of their unconditional love in spite of the agoraphobia only to leave me exactly for that reason has left me completely petrified of being so broken again and very unsure that anyone could truly want to stay with me like this.

AGORAPHOBIA - You can be cured - Total Freedom to Move Around

Doctors have yet to understand how the human brain functions. I have a friend that has had it for the better part of 18 years and she still lives with it everyday, and yes, she has prescription pills that she has to take to help the anxiety, panic attacks, tunnel visions, and other symptoms that have prevented her from leading a normal life. From the time of diagnosis, it took her over 10 years to move her life from one side of the city to the other. It was a major achievement for her, but it didn't cure her. It only gave her a new view of the city.

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