Voluntary Liquidation of a Company

How Does The Liquidation Process Work?

Phoenix companies Should the promoter owner of an insolvent company be allowed to buy back its assets or business through another company at a steep discount? This question has been at the heart of contemporary reforms in Indian insolvency laws since the controversial Essar case. Essar Steel went into insolvency after defaulting on its loan repayments. This incident sparked a heated debate. Some commentators cried foul and advocated outright ban on such promoter buy-backs, while others urged caution against such a ban.

voluntary winding up under insolvency code

Realization of assets and payment of liabilities Liquidator may engage professionals to assist him in the discharge of his duties and obligations. However, such professional shall not be his relative, related party to the company or auditors to the company at any time during the 5 years preceding the liquidation commencement date Liquidator to sell the assets and realize the money and distribute the same to the stakeholders Liquidator shall endeavour to complete the liquidation process within 12 months from the liquidation commencement date VI. Final Report On completion of liquidation, liquidator shall prepare the final report containing the details prescribed in rule 38 of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India Voluntary Liquidation Process Regulations, 2017. The Annual Status Report shall enclose the audited accounts of the liquidation showing the receipts and payments pertaining to liquidation since the liquidation commencement date Preparation of quarterly Progress report by Liquidator in case of VWU As per Section 59 of the code, the provisions of Section 35 to 53 of Chapter III and Chapter VII of the code shall apply to VWU with such modifications as may be necessary. Chapter III of the code deals with liquidation of a corporate person in case the insolvency resolution process is not completed and the NCLT orders for liquidation of the corporate person.

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