Rabbit bonding stages

Rabbit bonding stages when should you ask someone out online How long have you been working on bonding? What are their genders? We added Fifi to our family about a month ago and since they had such a good first introduction we began bonding right away.


pre bonding rabbits

This introduction is known as bonding. There are many different methods and techniques used to bond rabbits. This is just how I did it. However, there are three golden rules to any bond. All rabbits — yes both males and females MUST be neutered.

How to Bond Rabbits

bonding two dominant rabbits

Rabbit Cat Introductions The rabbit psyche is mysterious, sometimes paradoxical. These deeply emotional creatures crave the companionship of their own kind. They form bonds so powerful that loss of a partner can cause depression and illness.

Bonding my two male rabbits (first bonding session


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