Irish and Italians in New York City: 'Love-hate' story revealed

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Irish people in New York is nothing new. But what is life really like in the home of Broadway, bagels and limitless coffee-refills? We spoke to 18 fantastic Irish women who have taken up roots in the Big Apple and have reported back on their experiences; the good, the bad and the bed bugs. Advertisement Homesickness When asked what people missed from home, everything from "clean air" and Coronation Street, to the simple practicality of "having a washing machine in your home" was mentioned. With regards food, Catherine Higgins-Moore 34, writer misses proper sliced pan bread, good meat and Marks and Spencer.

Best Irish Bar NYC - Hibernia Bar New York, NY - Céad míle fáilte go Hibernia teach tábhairne

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New York Suburb Claims to be More Irish Than Ireland

Ed Shevlin greets audience at NYC Celebration of Irish Heritage and Culture 'As Gaeilge'

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