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King, is that you? Via. tumblr. While he's a pretty good writer we've read a few of his books , no one compares to Stephen King.

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Best of Glenn Quagmire - Seasons 1-7

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Copy Link Copied 15 Brian Tries To Seduce A Teenage Girl Brian, the family dog, is a notorious lech, whose outspoken liberalism is often undercut by his inconsiderate nature and shallow lust. Fortunately, Stewie and Meg both call him out for being gross, and Patty ultimately comes to her senses and rejects Brian. While the dog is often portrayed as shallow and uncaring towards others, this is one of the few times in which he is an outright villain, and the whole situation is just too icky for its own good. Obviously, this is a reference to the numerous allegations against Cosby, in which the erstwhile I Spy star was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting dozens of women in what was reportedly the " worst kept secret in Hollywood.

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