11 Relationship Milestones Worth Celebrating

Relationship Milestones

Oct 5 2018 Andrew Zaeh for Bustle Even though it seems like a decent chunk of time, being with someone for one year is, the grand scheme of things, not very long at all. So if it feels like you haven't reached certain milestones by your first anniversary , that's more than OK.

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Being in a Relationship: Expectations VS Reality

The 5 Stages of Relationships

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The Essential First 10 Dating Milestones In Your New Relationship From those first butterflies when you see their photos on one of the best dating sites , the excitement of your first messages, arranging that tricky first date when are we both free? Take a firm hold of your nerves and plan your date at a casual venue; a cute coffee shop or a quieter bar after work. Do what you need to do to get into a positive mindset before the date, especially if you have had a busy day. listen to your favourite songs, go for a run or hit the gym — whatever ritual works for you. Keep the first date fun, light hearted and fairly short.

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