A new tree-ring date for the “floating island” lava flow, Mount St. Helens, Washington

Yellowstone volcano USGS predicts ‘more big LAVA flows’ when Yellowstone erupts

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences As important volcanic products, lava flows represent a persistent geohazard to human activities and to the environment. A strong interest therefore exists in mapping and characterizing historical lava flows, which has benefited considerably from recent advances in Earth observation techniques. The thesis aims at understanding the spectral evolution of lava surfaces in contrasted environmental conditions and at developing strategies for dating and mapping lava flows with remote sensing techniques from using satellite images to field spectroscopy.

Concurrent with the enormous Chicxulub, Mexico event, a massive volcano erupted lavas in India, now called the Deccan Traps, burying much of the subcontinent under more than 11,000 feet of basalt lava rock and pouring poisonous gases into the atmosphere. Sulfurous gases can cool the atmosphere in the short term, while carbon dioxide warms it in the long term. To determine how big an effect it would have had, they needed to constrain the timing of the eruptions. Tons of carbon dioxide erupted in a hundred years will have very different effects than the same volume outgassed over the course of a million years. Their research appears in the Feb.

Hawaii volcano: Lava flows enter sea

Они весьма разнообразны, их формы зависят от специфики труда. На формы причесок также оказывают влияние сезонные изменения погоды, необходимость применения головных уборов.

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