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Dating coptic egyptian man when your exs friend hits on you Copts have long complained of discrimination under successive Egyptian leaders and Sisi's actions suggested he would deliver on promises of being an inclusive president who could unite the country after years of political turmoil. However, striking out at extremists abroad might prove easier than reining in radicals at home. Orthodox Copts, the Middle East's biggest Christian community, are a test of Sisi's commitment to tolerance, a theme he often stresses in calling for an ideological assault on Islamist militants threatening Egypt's security. In the Muslim-majority African country, Christian women and other religious minorities who don't cover their heads in public are targets. What's worse, Hagdy said, is that in many cases, the community will always defend the harasser against allegations of a woman who was harassed.

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Today, dating in Egypt takes place in a traditional, conservative atmosphere, informed by religious beliefs and traditional customs. Most modern Egyptians consider Muslim or Coptic Christian beliefs when it comes to the opposite sex and dating as it is practiced in the West is relatively rare.

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