The Real Reason Why McDonald's Burgers Don't Rot

GUESS THAT FAST FOOD BURGER! **Blindfold Taste Test**

collegehumor date with a fast food burger

All of her stories got me thinking about the dating that I see happening in my generation of friends and how different things seem from when my mom was in college. Technology has drastically changed the way we date and I cannot help but notice how similar this new method of dating is to fast food restaurants. Here are 5 reasons that dating is becoming just like fast food, but not in a good way. Convenience Drives Our Actions. One of the reasons fast food is so popular in America is because we love the convenience of it. We are all about wanting what is easiest and most efficient for us. This is true especially when it comes to dating.

collegehumor burger date

Couple Tries Home-Cooked Vs. $45 Burgers

collegehumor burger date

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