Why New Girl Didn't Have to Do What It Did Last Night

cece and winston handshake

I bought into his unrequited feelings for Cece, sympathized with his obsession with hair gel, forgave his initial mean-spiritedness and selfishness towards Elizabeth in the second season, and even looked past his occasionally revolting vanity. But my devotion has gotten me nowhere. Now that Nick and Winston have matured into three-dimensional, relatable characters with evolving aspirations, hang-ups, and personalities, Schmidt has become totally static.

New Girl - Ruth Schmidt S7E2

I think that the writers must have been fully aware of this fatal flaw, because quite quickly, the show transitioned Jess from some goofy, aloof woman to a fully-realized, though slightly quirky one. And the best thing that the show did was allow the other characters within the loft to become a bit sillier, too.

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