Capricorn Best Match for Love - Top 5 Signs

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Astrological Soulmates Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility. The Sage and the Sorcerer The mythological Sage and the Sorcerer are both accumulators of wisdom in the zodiac, so when these two fall in love you can expect an interesting relationship in which both partners can learn a great deal from each other. Capricorn and Scorpio compatibility is excellent in business and as a friendship, but has potential as a love match too. One of the most marked characteristics of this relationship is a shared determination to make progress; this couple will have clear goals for their life together , and little can stand in the way of their achieving them. At their best, these two blend practical logic with intuition and insight, making for a dynamic team.

scorpio and capricorn friendship

The physical nature of Capricorn will help Scorpio ground their sexual needs with ease. The main problem of this couple is their relationship to the Moon, for they are signs of its fall and detriment. Both of these signs feel a gravitational pull toward their opposing signs, Taurus and Cancer, two of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. This explains their need to build real intimacy. In general, Scorpio exalts Uranus, and they might be a bit frustrated by the conservative approach of Capricorn.

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You both might not only get an opportunity to love each other but to learn and value each other. It is the case that you both will find it very easy to grow and mature as individuals. Apart from this, you both will find it very easy to share things with each other.

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