How to disclose your HIV positive status to someone you love

#AskTheHIVDoc: Disclosure 101 (1:44)

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Choosing who to tell is a personal decision, and you may often find yourself trying to balance honesty with protecting your right to privacy. As with many issues surrounding HIV, no answers are right for everyone, but here are some general disclosure tips. Be selective. In most instances, choosing who to tell is your personal decision.


What will they think of me? What usually follows is a barrage of what-if scenarios of rejection and shame that flood your headspace, all before you utter those three little letters out loud. The trauma caused by these theoretical nightmares is often enough to keep you second-guessing who to tell and who to keep quiet around for far longer than it should.

Telling a partner you have HIV


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It is meant to reflect the fact that people with HIV can now not only have a normal quality of life, but they can also plan for the future, have kids, and carry on healthy sexual relationships if provided with the proper treatment and a few preventive guidelines. But even with these facts in mind, many people with HIV still find dating enormously stressful. After all, disclosing your status to a friend is one thing; disclosing it to a romantic interest brings up a whole other set of issues and concerns. Meeting at Online Dating Sites Sometimes the fear of disclosure is so great that people will access online dating sites, like pozmingle. Dating in real life, of course, doesn't afford such shortcuts.

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