What It's Really Like to Have an Arranged Marriage

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Ring Resources. The Culture and History of Arranged Marriages Overview on Arranged Marriages An arranged marriage describes a situation in which the parents of two people, of typically similar cultural background, are predetermined to be married by their parents or a third party. Arranged marriages are a part of a number of different cultures, both old and new. They present a very logical approach to the institute of marriage and are influenced by both cultural and economic factors. While some societies consider the idea of parents strategically selecting the life partner of their children, other cultures have continued this tradition even today. Typically recognized in eastern cultures, arranged marriages provide a number of benefits to both parties, although statistics have also shown an elevated risk of abuse and violence in situations of arranged marriages.

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Before they got married, she lived in India, he lived in America, and they met when Sandhya's parents placed a newspaper ad in the "matrimonial column" looking for potential husbands for her. So your parents placed the ad? Sandhya. Yes. My dad, every Sunday, he would send in and screen these ads, and whichever he thought could be the potential matches, he would mark them and tell me, "Whoever you are interested in just send them an email.

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