Zurich to Liechtenstein Day Trip: Top 7 Things to Do in Vaduz

Switzerland - Zurich to Liechtenstein - Swissrail

Edit this post A day trip from Zurich to Leichtenstein? Is it feasible? Those were the questions that jumped into my head when a colleague suggested that we go on an improbable adventure at the tail end of our business trip. I visit Zurich, Switzerland a few times a year for work and when I do I like to carve out time for a fun and easy day trip in Switzerland to places like Rapperswil or Rheinfall. But, would it really be possible to travel to Liechtenstein from Zurich in a day?

Zurich and Vaduz

Day Trip To Vaduz, Liechtenstein - Travel Vlog - Shot on GoPro

This tiny sovereign kingdom is nestled between Switzerland and Austria. And by tiny, I truly mean tiny. Of course, its bigger than say the Vatican City, but you can basically drive from top to bottom of the country in an hour.

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