27 problems with Samsung’s Galaxy S5, and how to solve them

How to Updating Samsung Galaxy s5 Android Apps

If you have any other Android issue, do not hesitate to contact us by using the link provided at the bottom of the page. Since taking the following actions, some functionality has been restored; I can now access Photos and my main GMail, but not any of my Gmail folders. This is what I have done. Powered my phone off and on numerous times after completing the other actions below Wiped the cache partition on my phone and rebooted the system Checked for Android system updates I am ok there Cleared the cache on the Google apps Force stopped the Google apps Removed my battery and microSIM card Cleared the data for the Google Play app and restarted my phone.

samsung s5 update 2018

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How To Disable Samsung Galaxy Apps Auto Update!

Update Samsung Galaxy S5 Firmware or Software- Step By Step Video Tutorial

samsung s5 update 2018

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