The Four-Tiered Class System of Feudal Japan

Social Classes In Feudal Japan

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For example, merchants and artists in feudal japan were considered at the very bottom of the hierarchy. Feudal Japan social class distributions There are, however, surprisingly some similarities, also. The number of people in each class increases as the class gets lower. In feudal Japan, there were three main classes and within each class, there were sub categories. The main social classes in feudal Japan were the royal class, the noble class and the lower class.

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G I have always liked Japanese history. I think like many others I was attracted by the samurai and ninja stories as well as the beautiful architecture and the charm of the pagodas. And I am sure many of you are familiar with these warriors and other members of society such as geisha and courtesans due to movies, and novels popularising their image. However, I always have the feeling that because of this, we miss the wider picture and we tend to forget that there was more to their society than just samurai and geisha to the sociopolitical and economic structure of Japan. Moreover, this is a system that remained untouched for a long time- various centuries- and that i would like to explore with you today.

Saylid Lopez/ Japanese and European Feudalism

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