9 Signs Your Mom Is Too Controlling & How To Deal With It

how to deal with controlling parents as a teenager

If you had limits on what you could do as a teen, you likely had protective parents who were concerned about the choices you were making — but if your parents told you explicitly not to, say, dress a certain way, participate in certain activities, or hang out with certain people, they were exhibiting controlling behavior. Boykin says it can be difficult to make this distinction in the moment, since controlling parents can affect how young people view their own autonomy, but you may realize it when looking back on your adolescence — and it's perfectly acceptable to raise this issue with your parents now, as an adult.

How To Deal With Controlling Parents ? By Rishita Makhija

controlling parents in adulthood quiz

By Raven Ishak Feb 22 2017 Even though most of us would love to have a healthy relationship with our parents, that just isn't always the case. Just because someone is your parent doesn't necessarily mean your relationship with them will be perfect.

Sisters Claim Dad Is Still Trying To Control Them Even Though They’re Adults

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