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Haruka kotoura anime dmv in clearlake calif Occupation. Student Appearance She is a petite girl for a highschool girl. Her height doesn't change much since she was in middle school. She has type of triple ombre hair style, in which top is a bright mixture of yellow and orange. When she was in her depressed or sad mode, her eyes the turn to fading brown but in her normal condition, her real eyes colours is pumpkin orange and carrot orange. Background She has a really sad childhood past. Back then when she was little kid and didn't know about the ability she possess, she was hated because she often blurt out what people were thinking. Not to mention when her parents get divorced, she was blamed for that only because she accidentally revealed their secret.

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Kotoura-san - Prologue

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Вследствие щелочного влияния эти лепестки топорщатся и придают волосу матовый, неблестящий вид. С помощью органических кислот это влияние щелочи устраняется, так как под их действием чешуйки снова ложатся, покрывая и защищая собой волос.

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Kotoura-san Abridged Episode 01

Kotoura gets bullied but manabe kun deals with it

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212 Прическа на коротких волосах людмила Технология выполнения: 1. Расчесать волосы.


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