Andean Abyss, 2nd Printing

A Distant Plain: Overview and Introduction

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Recommended pieces are below, but of course pieces of any size and shape may be used so long as ownership and the type of unit is clear. Blue. 2 large blue tokens, 30 dark blue cubes, 30 light blue cubes, 3 discs Red. 2 large red tokens, 30 red cylinders, 9 discs Yellow. 2 large yellow tokens, 18 yellow cylinders, 6 discs Green. 2 large green tokens, 12 cylinders, 15 discs Miscellaneous markers, tokens, and notes as needed to denote Rebel Zones, Shipments, Capabilities, etc.

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It's all about getting the buzz going, which can only help you make a quick dent in your initial print run. Pre-order copies went out in the mail about a week before Gateway Con. I was eager to give it a try, and the convention seemed like the natural place to do it. Otherwise, it probably would have taken weeks to sync up the requisite group of four players yes, you can play Andean Abyss with less, but four is ideal.

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