20 Crew Members Talk About What It's Really Like to Work on Cruise Ships

What are the Crew bar and parties like on the cruise ship? -- Shiplife! Ep-4

what is it like to work on a cruise ship

I used to try so hard but I could never get my hair to do that. Right after college, I was going through some yuck. After a chance meeting at a party, a brother of a friend told me that he worked on a cruise ship running kids programs and he could get me a fax number if I was interested.

can you work on a cruise ship with a child

Jul 8, 2016 Getty Images When you board a cruise ship, you're instantly greeted by the smiling faces of employees from different countries across the globe. From restaurant waiters to performers, their job is to make your vacation as fun as possible. Of course, it's hard not to wonder what working on a cruise ship is really like behind the scenes. While you're only on board the boat for a week, workers sign contracts to move away from home for 4 to 8 months at a time.

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