MC Coach Interview: My First Year at McKinsey

Interviewing with McKinsey: Case study interview

True, true — many of you are dreaming about that coveted MBB job offer, with the prestige and lucrative lifestyle that follows. Because of this, we sat down with consulting veteran Lisa Bright who is now part of the MC interview coaching team! We hope you enjoy this great insider post — useful for all aspiring consultants! Firstly, tell us a bit about your background and how you became a consultant.

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What did you learn from the experience? The situation doesn't unveil some kind of fatal flaw, but rather an easily explained mistake. And in fact an important lesson was learned that paves the way to a brighter future. To paraphrase Game of Thrones, "If you're looking for a happy ending , you've come to the wrong place. Flashback to winter 2009.

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10 reasons to date a consultant

Search Top 5 myths about travel as a management consultant Travel is a defining characteristic of management consulting regardless of your company. You can expect to spend enough time in hotels that the staff will recognize and greet you by name.

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